Reasons to play The Walking Drunk

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For those, who still haven’t heard about the game, here is the short description:

The Walking Drunk is a social-interactive card game designed to have an unforgettable time with your friends. Our game is part social interaction, using fun and creative activities to get players laughing and enjoying themselves, part drinking game including all sorts of alcohol related activities and part board game including a just enough strategy to keep the game moving along between activities. The Walking Drunk provides around 2 hours of gameplay for 3-8 players, although most probably you will run out of alcohol before you could finish the game.

You can also go surf through the link to find out more:
Kickstarter campaign

So why does one should try out this game?

As we started to develop the game and test it with the people, we got a lot of different feedback, which led us for continuous improvement of the game design, rules, gameplay etc.  All we wanted to hear in the end was, “Yes, I would totally buy this game and play it with my friends!”. Did we get to that stage? Well, I would say yes and no, and here are reasons why.

The Walking Drunk is not as harmful in terms of alcohol consumption and activity cards as it seems from the first glance.

Recently I sent a link for the campaign to my friends, who haven’t still played it, but on the other hand were very curious about this project. This is where I found out, that people who didn’t play the game have different impression about it from those, who tested it. People, who actually tried out the game, enjoyed it in all of its interactivity, features and beauty. They said it was really fun to play and with a proper constrain of alcohol consumption. In the contrary, I would like to share some reviews of the people, who had some concerns and fear to play the walking drunk:

  • Speaking about content – I acknowledge that embarrassing stuff is fun, but being honest it is not a cup of tea of probably majority, everything has its limits especially for most of the girls. Women are less likely to enjoy doing embarrassing stuff on public then a man due to many different reasons.

Comment: Absolutely right, everything has it’s own limits. We have thought through it: different type of people playing, their gender, behavior etc. So, each of the activity we have selected was thoroughly reviewed by specific criteria not to “cross the line”. Although, we are offering add-on pack with the craziest and the most embarrassing activities to the extreme lovers.

  • I don’t know what assignments for the players you’ve made up, but I’ve got an impression, that I will not want to complete some of the tasks on the cards if many factors would not be met (craziness of the assignment, my capabilities to complete it (e.g. singing), my mood at the moment, place and environment, people and their assumptions about me, and etc etc). I have a fear that I might be regretting to start playing the game because one of the many factors won’t be met; and I haven’t even seen the tasks yet.

Comment: The Walking Drunk was initially designed to boost the party you are in. We want this game to be irreplaceable part of each party. Just like the club can not take place without music. Frankly speaking, some clubs have music you think you wouldn’t dance and listen to. But then you do and you are enjoying it . I think it’s just a matter of just trying it out first.

  • In the video, you’ve shown your game testing on the festival: people on the video look like ideal type of consumers in quite an ideal for your product environment. Combining people and place you’ve probably found one of the best scenarios for you product utilization. With how many more scenarios does your product match? Types of parties and types of people? I can recall some parties from my memory where your game would quite fit, but I can recall much much more of where it wouldn’t completely fit, because either of the environment or people, and some parties where the game couldn’t be used at all.

Comment: Main scenario should be met to play this game – you have to be surrounded with the good people or friends. It does not even have to be a party. Friendly environment is all you need!

  • I would consider to play it, but I would never buy the game. The content of the game is more suitable for boys, but still sounds good enough for girls, yeah, if the place and people are there let’s go for it and make another night we’ll all remember.

Comment: Just as I mentioned before, the content of the game is carefully reviewed based on the craziness level and moral boundaries, which would be suitable for both boys and girls.

This game will liven up your party containing over 300 activity cards ranging from various questions to drinking challenges.

The game is not only restrained by the activities, although it is the fundamental of the game. The basic goal of the game is to earn as much as Ultrabax (Game money) , as you can. This excites some kind of gambling spirit and competition among the players, which makes it even more fun to play.

Whether this game is fit for you and your environment or not, it’s always worth a shot to try, isn’t it?


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